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Sleep Study At Home

When you observe an abnormal sleep pattern or habits, one of the best ways to know, for sure, the root cause is through a sleep study. In strict medical parlance, sleep studies are termed as polysomnography. It is a process that involves measuring and recording some activities that occur in your body when you’re asleep. These activities include your breathing pattern, brain waves, heart rate, body position, and movement around the abdomen, thorax, and eye, also known as REM, and often that of the limbs.

These measurements can pinpoint whether you have sleep apnea or other related sleep disorder, like chronic insomnia, narcolepsy, somniloquy, hyposomnia, etc. It’s usually carried out in a sleep clinic or sleep apnea center. Fortunately, you can carry out these tests by yourself if you can’t visit a doctor or a sleep clinic for one reason or the other. Also, since the world is rapidly transitioning into virtual medicine, also known as telemedicine, more than ever before due to the pandemic and lifestyle adjustments, it’s projected that more people suffering from sleep disorder will embrace this option. It would be best if you explored it.

But if you’re doing a sleep study at home, you should adopt the best practices to not come up with a false diagnosis. You may also need the help of professionals. There are top tools and services available to help you conduct a sleep study at home more effectively and accurately. To know if our sleep study at home is the best option for you, read on. By understanding our process, what we offer in services, and how we stand apart from the other industry players and providers, we hope that you’ll make the finest choice today.

Our Process

Our sleep apnea testing overview is all-encompassing. We’ve accumulated substantial knowledge about the complexity of sleep disorders. We understand that it’s not just enough to have the top line technological tools for screening sleep disorders. These may be too costly, especially if the condition turns out to benign, thereby defeating the cost-effectiveness benefit of a sleep study at home. Our clients must know the types of sleep tests and if or when you should use them. We can help you determine, using our unsurpassed expertise, whether your condition is mild, and you only need to get more rest to correct it. Or maybe you need to test for obstructive sleep apnea or explore, more specifically, the sleep apnea test options if your symptoms fit into the description.

We Boast A Team Of Professionals

We parade the best team of medical professionals. They are thoroughly qualified to handle your home sleep apnea test. They are specialists in their respective areas with proper board certifications; and have over 45 years of combined medical experience in general medicine, neurology, and sleep medicine.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from the ultimate benefit of working with doctors who are the finest professionals both in the general field of medicine and in their areas of specialty, you enjoy flexible consultation without leaving the walls of your house. Our clients consistently commend our home services as outstanding for anyone who has a busy schedule and doesn’t have time to drive to a doctor’s office. Our doctors are compassionate and thorough. Also, we deliver our test kits with concise, clear, and comprehensive instructions on how to use them. Contact Rest Assured RX for better sleep: (888) 610-4460

Rest Assured RX Sleep Study At Home

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