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An intensive outpatient and standard outpatient program sound alike; however, they greatly differ. Orange County, intensive outpatient treatment program offers a more significant care level than conventional outpatient care. However, they still permit you to live at home with your family. At our Orange County addiction treatment hospital, large numbers of our patients profit from this particular sort of treatment, but it’s not perfect for everybody.

If you’ve suffered an addiction to drugs or alcohol for quite a long time, you have a high-hazard way of life, live in a home without help, it’s wiser to consider an inpatient rehab in Orange County, CA.

If you also have multiple disorders, cross-addiction, or co-occurring mental disorder, it’s best to go for an inpatient addiction treatment in Orange County, CA.

As mentioned earlier, intensive and standard outpatient addiction programs aren’t perfect for everyone; how do you know if you are qualified for an intensive outpatient program at an Orange County drug rehab center? Here are a few tips to know if you qualify for an IOP.

If You Have a FamilyPeople with a spouse and children have higher responsibilities and can’t stay away from their family for too long. Regardless of whether you genuinely need to, you might not have the alternative of leaving for an extensive period. This is a simple illustration of when intensive outpatient treatment can help you offset your family duty with your craving to get calm.

  • You Are a Busy Professional 

Even though your boss provides you with help for your substance recovery, you may not feel comfortable leaving your job for a significant period due to your finances. Nonetheless, if alcohol or drug addiction treatment will restrict your performance at your workplace, it’s ideal to consider an Orange County intensive outpatient program.

  • You Run Your Own Business 

Some possibilities leaving your own business for a while unattended can place you at risk. However, placing your business on hold because you want to overcome your drug or liquor use may not be a great thing to do. Intensive Outpatient care can help you find support around your treatment schedule while keeping up your organization.

  • You cannot afford the cost of Inpatient treatment care.

Various health insurance policies today help provide coverage for substance use addiction treatment. However, you may not have the befitting insurance policy to access care, or you may not have enough resources to pay for inpatient treatment. Taking the first step in seeking treatment through an intensive outpatient program may be an option for you then.


At Altignis Health, we offer various kinds of care. If you are struggling with substance use addiction, you could start with detoxification at our center, offering Orange County addiction rehab services. This is fundamental for individuals who are synthetically and emotionally dependent on substance use.

If you conclude that outpatient care is the perfect correct choice for you, we offer intensive outpatient programs to help you. We work with you to maintain a strategic distance from relapsing, build abilities for versatility, and work with you through our 12-Step program. With our assistance, you can start enjoying a sober life.

Contact Altignis Health for a free consultation for master-level treatment in an upscale, comfortable facility. Verify your insurance now: 949-899-6731.

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