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Whether you love snacking on delicious nut varieties or you are looking to add a nutrient-rich food to your regular diet, looking into a nut of the month club is a great idea. This is a subscription that will not only keep you healthy and your tummy happy, but you can also save some money at the same time. There are a bunch of options to choose from, so when you select a company to deliver your favorite snacks, make sure that you take your time to do research. 

Even if you are a bit uncertain about the idea of regular nut box deliveries, you should know that nuts are an essential superfood. For example: 

  • Did you know that nuts have been a favorite snack of many for thousands of years? There have even been archaeological finds to prove that there have been many different styles of nutcrackers and plenty of nut varieties enjoyed by the masses for many years.
  • The popularity of nuts seems to be based on the idea that they have always been relatively safe and easy to locate.
  • Over time, nuts also made a great option for travel simply because you can store them so easily.
  • Nuts are an incredible source of protein and good fats, which also makes them an excellent choice to satisfy hunger.
  • Fats found in nuts include polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These are known for helping with heart health and good HDL cholesterol while cutting back on bad cholesterol in the body.
  • Nuts are very rich in a lot of the nutrients and vitamins that our body needs, including magnesium and Vitamin E. 

While you can make your way to the grocery store to purchase a range of nuts, there is something special about getting a box of hand-curated nuts delivered to your door. Even better still, a nut of the month club is a nice option when you are looking for a smart gift to send to someone on your list. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, or a holiday, such a thoughtful gift of delicious snacks is always a welcome one. It is all a matter of picking out the best subscription level to suit your need and whatever budget that you have in mind.

When you know that you want a change to the regular snacking routine, you can either send or join the Nut of the Month Club subscription. You will be able to look forward to a shipment of incredible flavors coming your way for however many months that you choose. These are scrumptious nut mixes, handcrafted and delicious nuts from all of the major varieties. If you are sending as a gift, you also have the ability to add in your own personalized message for the recipient. 

This is a wonderful gift that can last all year long. If you have questions or if you would like help setting up a subscription box, we do have a team standing by to take your call. You can reach us at Nut of the Month Club by calling (888) NUT-CLUB, and we will be happy to address any of your concerns.