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The reopening of nail salons is reopening American culture. It is almost unfathomable to walk around with half-decent nails when you can quickly get a nail job at very affordable prices. Many people are craving a trip to the salon and are now ecstatic to hear that they can resume their beloved pedicures and manicures in FL. Despite the good news, a good percentage is still trying to establish the best way to get glammed nails while staying free of COVID 19.

How Polish The Nail Bar is ensuring an infection-free environment

  • Protective gear – The nail technician should have gloves while offering any service.
  • Social distancing – Customers are a distance from one another, and the waiting room has an equally careful distancing measure
  • Sanitation – All the tools need cleaning and disinfection after every use. We sanitize every workspace after service with authentic and high-quality sanitizers.
  • Appointments – Nail shops are increasingly keen about scheduling nail services to minimize a crowded waiting room. Talk to us to schedule a nail appointment at your time of convenience.
  • Added precautions – Temperature checks are essential in ensuring the continuity of high-quality service. Experts argue that a salon with a temperature at the entrance has the most practical and useful prevention program.

Nail care is an intricate part of grooming in today’s world. You do not have a reason to miss a nail salon near me when you can get a nail job that will last you several months with minimal maintenance. We likely do not have to convince you of the following benefits of a professional nail salon, because we are all now very familiar with the agony of at-home nail jobs.

Advantages of a professional nail job at our salon


Our technicians have high training to offer the most adorable nail jobs. You do not have to worry about misshapes, over-polishing, or flakiness with our nail service. You can be sure that the job will be exquisitely beautiful and accurate to your description of photo depiction.


The best Florida nail salons understand that the salon doubles as a therapy room. It is vital to offer soothing services like massages, cleansing, buffing, and moisturizing for the client’s enjoyment and beauty. Therefore, it is best to visit our establishment because we have evolved to understand what is best for different clients.

Range of products

The best-equipped salon offers many different products, while a home nail job will have limited ones. The professional service has many different nail colors with a wide array of accents. Here is a list of what you can get from modern nail places:

  • Basic polish
  • Gel
  • Acrylics
  • Dipping powder
  • Paraffin manicure
  • Pearl
  • Chrome
  • Matte


Most states require nail places to have a valid operating business license. These documents are in the public display area to assure clients and authorities of compliance with various statues. You have a better promise for cleanliness when you can view the documents as soon as you enter the premise.

We believe that nail shops deserve the same chance to get back on track as other businesses. We are active about enforcing a COVID-19 free world, with the right protective measures. Contact our Jacksonville shop at 904-996-7750 and the Odessa shop at 813-749-0962 for more details on the booking appointment.

Nail Places

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