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If you have problems losing weight no matter what you do, it’s time to meet Dr. Fat Loss. With extensive experience in the industry of weight loss and health transformation, our experts offer you the chance to turn your life around. Enough with the ineffective and uncomfortable weight loss procedures you’ve been dealing with so far!

Our diet planning doctor in Manhattan offers an infallible system customized to accommodate your biological profile. We achieve that by performing an in-depth computerized body analysis meant to reveal indicators like:

  • Body Mass Index
  • Visceral Fat Rating
  • Physique Rating
  • Daily Calorie Intake
  • Metabolic Age and Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Bone and Muscle Mass, etc.

All these factors are essential for building your biological map and learning how your system functions. By doing so, we can detect any irregularity that may interfere with your ability to lose weight. Once the screening process completes, we will then devise a customized health transformation strategy based:

Hormonal rebalancing

A major reason why you can’t get the most out of your diet-workout combo is the hormonal imbalance. As your body gets flooded with toxins, your hormones will go haywire, affecting your metabolism as a result. This is why you fail to achieve your goals and shed any significant weight, no matter how hard you’d try.

We use clinically-tested procedures meant to restore your metabolic rates to normal by forcing the process of autophagy. As your cells will flush out the toxins, your metabolism will accelerate, causing the organism to burn fat at higher rates. It’s a natural and effective process that will increase the effectiveness of our health transformation program tenfold.

Upgraded nutritional strategy

In the next phase, our diet planning doctor in Manhattan will provide you with an advanced and personalized nutritional approach. Our meal plan is natural, consisting of vegetables, proteins, fruits, and food supplements, depending on your body’s needs. We use no chemicals or artificial additives, which makes our system that much more effective in the long-term.

The nutritional strategy that we’re offering is one of the key factors in our health transformation program. In time, it will serve to preserve your health and will allow you to become more energetic, active, and positive.

Personalized workout planning

The more active you are, the quicker you lose weight and accelerate the effects of the weight loss process. Our expert will help you determine the optimal workout routine fit for your physical capabilities, with the possibility to upgrade it as you adapt to it.

For too long people have struggled to achieve the ideal bodies, yet only a few have been successful. Our diet planning doctor in Manhattan is changing that. Slowly, but surely, more people become aware of the effectiveness of our health transformation program.

If you’re interested in what we have to offer, contact Dr. Fat Loss, and make an appointment! It’s your chance to change not only your looks but your lifestyle as a whole. Take it!

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