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If you’re trying to build muscle mass, gain strength, or lose weight more efficiently, you need a Los Angeles personal trainer to guide you. At The Strength Code, we know that most people have no idea how to enhance their physique simply because they’re oblivious to the science behind it.

Why you need a personal fitness trainer in Burbank

Although it may seem easy at first glance, muscle building is a complex process, involving body mechanics, biology, nutrition, and even physiological traits unique to each individual. The same goes for losing weight or increasing strength and power. Simply lifting weights consistently won’t help you achieve your goals if you don’t know its science. This includes peak execution form, optimal muscle activation, nutrition patterns, sleeping schedule, etc.

Our personal trainers near Burbank are here to assist you with that. We perform in-depth body composition analysis on each client, extracting valuable data about body mass, visceral fat, skeletal muscles, etc. Gathering all this data will allow our professionals to create a customizable training program for optimal results. This makes our fitness studio unique because we distance ourselves from conventional, one-sided approaches. Our training protocol allows for fast growth and promotes intense muscle activation throughout the 30-minute session.

What is High-Intensity Training?

High-Intensity Training, or HIT, refers to sacrificing weight increase in favor of form and higher intensity execution. Most people don’t realize that growth doesn’t necessarily come from heavier weights, but the impeccable form and flawless execution. Only after mastering the form can you add more weights and harness the benefits. Our best Burbank, CA, personal trainers will teach you proper form involving slow movements (positive and negative) and optimal muscle activation.

HIT is incredibly effective at activating muscle fibers more effectively and putting continuous stress on the muscle tissue. Adopting optimal form and slow execution will also reduce injury risks considerably and reduce the downtime after treatment. Your muscles, joints, and ligaments will recover faster, promoting growth and strength over time. You should begin noticing compelling results after 2-3 weeks of regular training.

Long-term lifestyle adjustments

Everybody knows that the muscle-building process isn’t limited to lifting weights. Nutrition also plays a critical role in determining your success in the long run. How and what you eat throughout the day will heavily influence the results of the training program. Just like in any field, there are dos and donts here as well. Our personal trainer in Hollywood will teach you everything you need to know about optimal nutrition.

You will learn about macros, key nutrients to have, what to avoid, when, and how to eat, supplementation, etc. With this knowledge in hand, you will boost your training’s effectiveness dramatically. Our personal training company near Hollywood and Burbank will provide you with all the tools you need to reach your goals fast.

Contact The Strength Code at 818-736-5233 and ask for information about our in-studio and virtual training. Our Los Angeles personal trainer will take your call and set an extensive body composition analysis today.

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