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There is nothing quite like knowing that you have a caring medical staff that you can turn to should something be going on in your health. Finding a Fremont Urgent Care facility is important when you want to address any number of medical concerns, including everything from routine testing to emergent situations. No matter what needs you may have, Instant Urgent Care is here to help, offering same-day urgent care and primary care for area residents.

Tip: Are you unable to make it to see us at the urgent care medical clinic in Fremont? Be sure to ask us about telemedicine appointments! 

Here at Instant Urgent Care, we promise to help you in your journey to achieve a healthy lifestyle while addressing any concerns that you have once you walk through the doors. We offer: 

  • Urgent Care in Fremont When You Need It – Even if you currently work with a general practitioner, there will be times when you must be seen during hours when they are unavailable. That is just one of the many benefits of our 24-hour urgent care clinic. You have the ability to walk in and get seen all within the same day.
  • Quality, Consistent Care – You may have your first visit out of necessity, but you can guarantee you will get the same continuous, high-quality care with all subsequent visits. All of our patients are treated with respect, trust, and care.
  • Service Options – Of course, you want to have a Fremont urgent care facility that offers a broad range of services to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a pregnancy test or you want urine drug testing, we have the ability to offer discreet, dependable testing. 

Speaking of service options, these are just a few of the quality services that we offer here at Instant Urgent Care: 

  • Covid Testing – If you are looking for urgent care Covid testing in Fremont, we will get you in and ensure that you have peace of mind that you will have answers soon. We offer Rapid Covid 19 Testing, Covid 19 Antibody Testing, and Covid 19 Testing for Employers.
  • Primary Care – This range of service offerings includes adult examinations, well-child examinations, and specialty care referrals.
  • Chronic Care – When you require chronic medical care in Fremont, we offer treatment for substance abuse, heart disease, diabetes, and more.
  • Preventative Care – Do you need a flu shot or STD testing? We offer these as well as chronic disease screenings.
  • Women’s Health and Geriatric Examinations – Whether you would like to book a breast or cervical exam, or you need to have your vision checked, we offer a broad range of examination services.

When it comes to Fremont urgent care, we have everything covered here at Instant Urgent Care. Lab and X-ray services get you the answers you are looking for, while urgent care for injuries, fractures, cuts, and more will get you rapid assistance when you need it most. Book your telemedicine or in-person appointment, or click here to find a location nearest you. If you have questions or concerns regarding our services or coverage and payment options, click here.  

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