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American Academy Of Family Physicians

“Two heads are better than one, they say… how about tens and hundreds of heads.”

The medical society is one that is practiced majorly through not just the understanding of the pancreas, liver, kidneys and all that body anatomy, but one that is largely dependent on the number of experiences and ideas garnered. It is no doubt that in years, physicians have always combined knowledge and information to solve problems in the medical society. This can only be made possible by the association of medical practitioners in the industry, hence the need for connecting.

Organizations in time immemorial have formed to fulfill this purpose of supporting each other, not just in the medical field but diverse of profession. It is only just normal to think that a bunch of broomsticks will sweep a room cleaner and faster than a broomstick. One of the organizations that have from about five participating decades, the American Academy of Family Physicians has been an organization founded with the motive of promoting the science and art of family medicine, a medical specialty dedicated to comprehensive health care for people of all ages. Family practice is a division of primary health care that provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, genders, disease, and parts of the body.

One of our objectives at PA Clinical Network is to provide a networking platform for medical practitioners, from practice administrators to family physicians. We believe that family physicians strive based on the understanding of patients in the context of the family and the community.

How are we of Help?

With the knowledge aforementioned, it is no doubt that a pool of information and data can help family physicians; belonging to the American Academy of family physicians or not can do a lot more when they have a resource center. One of the significant reasons for joining the American Academy of family physicians in the first place is to give support to family physicians so that members can focus on providing quality, cost-effective care. Considering that our primary focus is with Physician in Pennsylvania, thereby providing a helping hand that ensures the flourish of private practices in our current healthcare reality. We pride in the provision of an easily accessible platform where members can enjoy the benefit of access to a statewide clinically integrated network, majorly for physicians and practices administrators in Pennsylvania — with built-in certification compliance, empowered with first-class resources supporting better care, reduced costs, and enhanced revenue.

How do you benefit?

With the pool of data available on our platform, all family physicians in Pennsylvania need to do register and become a member. Immediately you become one, you have access to a large community of family physicians, and practice administrators with quite a wholesome year of experience in service. Furthered with a chunk of data of medical centers, with records of patients; their cost of care through a well-documented EHR (Electronic Health Record) system made available on the platform.

How do you join the society?

On any internet enabled device of your choice, kindly navigate your way to PA Clinical Network, and navigate your way to the join button. Our platform is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. Join today!

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